Tuesday, November 25, 2008

When Customer Service Goes Bad...

When you work in customer service, which I do, you know that the customer is always right. At least that's how it's supposed to be. That wasn't the case when I went to pick up the fresh turkey breast I had ordered for Thanksgiving dinner from our local meat market. Not only did I call the order in 9 days in advance, I even called a few days later to confirm it. I went to pick up my order on my lunch hour today, only to be told that I had ordered a whole, partially frozen turkey. Um, excuse me, but I think I know very well the difference between a turkey breast & a whole turkey. The manager, who happens to be the owner's daughter, offered no apologies, simply telling me that my order had been written on the wrong page of their very professional order system, a spiral-bound notebook. When I inquired as to who had taken the order, I was told that they had 6 different people handling phone orders, so she couldn't be quite sure who was responsible for my order landing on the wrong page. Finding it hard to believe there were no more turkey breasts available, I was told that they were all "spoken for" (by people whose order landed on the "right" page I suppose) and again offered the frozen turkey. No apologies, no discounts, no simple courtesy...nothing. I guess they would prefer having me tell people how lacking their customer service is, rather than how they turned a bad situation into a good one.

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