Monday, October 29, 2007

Dark Days Eat Local Challenge

When I read Sarah's post about the Dark Days Eat Local Challenge on Cucina Bella I was intrigued & decided to join in. The challenge is to cook at least one meal a week using 90% local ingredients. That should be pretty easy for me - our local farmer's market, which I absolutely love, is less than 10 minutes from my office, so I can easily stop by on a weekly basis. Although I do have plenty of room to roam - local is defined as a 200 mile radius. I could actually even include my upcoming trip to Berlin, Ohio in the challenge. It's just about 190 miles from us & I can always find a reason to visit. The Amish-made cinnamon bread alone is well worth the drive.

I'm really excited to get started & can't wait to see what the fall market brings. I'll be beginning with breakfast on Saturday morning.

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