Monday, March 26, 2007

Canasta Anyone?

What can I say? We're addicted to the game - we play every chance we get. Mike is off tomorrow & can actually stay up past his normal 9:00pm bedtime, so we're going to play tonight; Mom & Mike against me & Amy. We always have a simple menu for game night because we're ready to get down to business. Tonight is hotdog night, a very quick & easy meal. Mom is making her homemade chili, which is absolutely delicious. Throw in some weiners, buns & slaw & shuffle those cards!

*Ballpark makes the best fat-free weiners.

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sis2non said...

What in the world did we do before Canasta? I think we won both games that night, didn't we? Mom conveniently lost the Canasta archives and it was probably Mike's idea. They can't stand the fact that we're so good.