Monday, March 19, 2007

"Mom Cooks" Up a Little Nostalgia

Friday night has become family night at my mom's house. The crowd usually consists of my mom, sister & niece, my brother-in-law, my husband & me. We gossip (OK, Amy & I gossip), laugh, eat dinner & then it's CANASTA time!

This past Friday night, we had a meal that brings back lots of memories for my sister & me. Burgers, potato wedges & onion rings. Nothing fancy, but it's a meal that we have lots of great memories wrapped around. I can't remember how many Friday nights we ate this same meal in front of the TV, watching Pete's Dragon, Smokey & the Bandit or another much-loved movie, usually on a damp carpet that mom had just shampooed (back in her crazy-clean days). This was before we had a VCR, so movie night on TV was a real treat. The meal is a comfort food for us, as I suppose any meal that brings back good memories would be.

I don't really care to fix burgers at home, but I love the taste of mom's. I especially love the way she spoons grease over the cheese to help it melt. Hey, I never said it was a healthy meal. LOL

2# Ground Beef
Garlic Salt

Pat out 8 burgers. Season with garlic salt & pepper. Place in skillet over medium heat. Cook until well done. Place slice of cheese on top; spoon grease over cheese to help melt. Serve on buns with desired toppings.

Potato Wedges & Onion Rings
We use Ore-Ida potato wedges & Kroger-brand onion rings. Bake at temperature recommended on package until cripsy. Serve with ketchup & ranch dip.

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