Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hmmm... Pillsbury® Brownie Batter

I got an email from Pillsbury yesterday, featuring lots of Easter recipes. There was also an introduction for the new Pillsbury® Brownie Batter. Clicking on the link, I was introduced to "the easiest way to rich, fudgy brownies in minutes. Nothing to add, mix or measure. Simply spread the soft batter in an 8x8-inch pan and bake for a moist, chewy, home-baked treat." Hmmm...

I LOVE brownies. I like to make them from scratch, but I'm also no stranger to brownies from a box. Betty Crocker, Ghiradelli's & Tastefully Simple all have great mixes. But brownie batter in a roll? I'm a little skeptical.

I had Mike pick up a roll so I could try it out. I was not impressed with the supposed ease of preparation. The batter was easy enough to squeeze out, but very hard to spread*. You really have to work at it. In all honesty, I think it would have been easier (and probably just as quick) to use a boxed mix. As for taste, they are not bad; a little dry, but not the worst brownie I've had. I don't think I'd buy them again.

I'd love to hear what you think if you try them.

*The batter might be easier to spread if you leave the roll on the counter 10 to 15 mintues before opening, taking some of the chill off.

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